Into The Unknown


       Some time ago I was talking with a young person who was struggling with some issues in her life.  She told me that everything would be just fine if she only knew what was going to happen.  I understood completely.  We all have that yearning.  We want to know the future.  We want to know what's going to come.  What's hidden, what we don't want to admit, is that this desire springs from our yearning to be in control, not just of our lives, but of the lives of others, and all the circumstances that come with them.  The great frustration for us is that no matter how hard we try to achieve this state, we never do, the yearning, and all the frustration that goes with it, grows deeper.
      Hebrews 11:8 says of Abraham, "He went out not knowing where he was going."  Many of us may be very familiar with this verse, but how many of us are actually willing to live it out?  We want to know what's going to happen.  We want to know what to expect, what we can prepare for.  We're willing to "go with God," but only if He provides a road map beforehand, preferably one filled with plenty of comfortable and pleasing roadstops along the way.  More, we want to set the pace of the journey as well, and not only know the destination, but the route we'll be taking to get there.  Hebrews 11:8 was great for Abraham.  After all, somebody had to be the "Father of the faithful," but we're more realistic.  We need to possess more information about the journey.  This is good wisdom.....isn't it?
     God doesn't share this view with us at all.  Oswald Chambers puts His view into very blunt but powerful words, saying, "God does not tell you what He's going to do.  He reveals to you who He is."  This is where our understanding of the purpose of the journey flounders.  We think it's about the destination, but the Father says it is about the Person, Himself.  It's not about revealing the coming events, but coming to know He who is the Lord of the Journey.  Abraham learned of the Father to such a degree that he was called the friend of God.  He entered into an intimacy with Him that few know, yet is offered to all who will journey with Him.  We are so rooted in our interests and the interests of the world, that we are blinded by them.  We're obsessed with wanting to know the destination and all the details leading to it.  He wishes us to be immersed in Himself, and all the wonder of knowing Him, in every aspect of our 3 in 1 God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    It's another new year.  What will be of most importance to you and I?  Knowing what it will contain, and where it leads, or knowing Him, in ever deepening waves of revelation?  The first will surely lead us into an ever more desolate wilderness, the second, into an ever more wonderful Father.  Which will we choose?

Pastor O
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