The Approach

"I don't have much more time to talk to you, because the prince of this world approaches. He has no power over Me." John 14:30...."You Levites form a bodyguard for the king and keep your weapons in hand. Any unauthorized person who enters the temple must be killed. Stay right beside the king at all times." 2 Chronicles 23:7

In these two Scripture we see deep truth, deep danger, and a deep deliverance. Victory will be ours if we give heed to all. Sadly, too often, we don't.

In this day, with all it's emphasis on logic and reason, and de-emphasis on the supernatural, both as concerns the power of God and of the enemy of our soul, it's small wonder we so often live defeated lives. We live far more in the flesh than in the Spirit, and our very real enemy loves that this is so.

Here is a truth and reality whether you accept it or not. Every day in the life of a believer will see the approach of the devil upon it. He did so with Jesus. In the wilderness, in Gethsemane, on the cross. The gospel relates that even after satan failed in his tempting of Christ in the wilderness, that he waited for an "opportune time" to come against Him anew. He's always looking for that opportune time and attacks accordingly. He's aware of those times. Are we? He comes when we're most vulnerable. That is not always in the time of weakness or defeat. It can also be in the time of success and seeming strength. It may well be that in those times, when we're sure all is well, that we're the most vulnerable of all. In weakness or in strength, he approaches. So how do we maintain vigilance? How do we live as more than conquerors? The answer is seen in how the priests of the Lord protected Israel's young king, Joash, when his grandmother sought his death in order that she might rule the nation.

Jehoiada the priest placed young Joash the king in the temple, the sanctuary of God. He surrounded him with priests armed with weapons. Only those who were allowed had access to this part of the temple, and the priests protecting the king would know those who had no right to be there. These could only have one intention; that of killing the young king. The priests would put them to death before they could destroy Joash. As they did so, they stood near the king "at all times." It is here that we see the strategy for victory that all of us must live by in order to truly be overcomers against an enemy who never gives up, never ceases to try and carry out his plan for our destruction. We know and recognize our enemy. We are aware of his approach before he ever reaches us. We are armed and ready for his attack, and we "kill" whatever means he uses for our harm. And we do it all while standing right next to, indeed "in" our King, Jesus Christ. It's Christ who gives us the discernment to recognize our enemy, the weapons to combat him, and the power to defeat him. And all of that is ours as we stand in Him. That is the victorious life. Is that the life we are living?

Today, the enemy of our soul approaches. Through our emotions, thoughts, and desires, he approaches. How will we meet him? Armed and ready? Standing in our King? Knowing he is defeated before he even gets near? Yet never relaxing our vigilance. Always knowing he'll return at that opportune time. He will make the approach, but we've nothing to fear if we live in the sanctuary of the King, in His power, wisdom, discernment, and victory. Jesus did not fear His approach. He knew His enemy had no power over Him. He has no power over we who are His as well. Unless of course, we don't really think the enemy's there. That's the mindset he seeks for us. Is it yours? He approaches as you read this. Are you ready for him?

Pastor O

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