"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.' "

Isaiah 30:21....."Enoch....enjoyed a close relationship with God throughout his life. Then suddenly he disappeared because God took him." Genesis 5:23-24
I have never been, but I'm told it's a wonderful spiritual experience to make a journey to the Holy Land, to Israel. Many have especially pointed to the experience of "walking where Jesus walked." I'm sure that making the trip is all that those who have done so say that it is. However, there is a question that comes to my mind in that. Do we wish more to walk where Jesus walked, or where He is walking today?
We can make idols out of most anything, including our spiritual past and heritage. Nostalgia over what God has done, and where He did it can dominate our hearts and minds to the degree we cannot see where He is and what He's doing right now. We know where He has walked, but we're missing where He's walking now. This goes on from the pulpit to the pew. From General Boards to local ones.
I realize that pastors and leaders can inject their flesh, pride, and carnal desires into an agenda for moving people in the direction they want them to go. The Word gives us a clear safe-guard for this. It is an intimate walk of fellowship with Him. I love the Scripture from Isaiah 30. This is the portrait of what the believers walk with Him must be. At any and all points in the journey, His voice will speak if we make it in intimacy with Him. We worry so much about missing His will, but our yielded heart and spirit can know that wherever we are walking, His voice will continually speak direction. If we are facing the wrong way, His voice will speak behind us to reveal the right one. We will walk where He is walking today, and in our close fellowship with Him, we can trust that we will continue to walk where He is leading tomorrow.

I've a friend who gave a wonderful picture of Enoch's relationship with God. Scripture says that Enoch lived more than 300 years, always walking with the Father in close fellowship. Then God took him home. My friend thought that maybe their conversation went something like this; "Enoch, we've been walking together a long time now, and we're closer to my home than yours. Let's go there, together." Only Enoch and the Lord know what words might have been spoken, but I love that picture. Walking where He walks has one primary goal.....taking us home....to His home...which is our real one.
I go back to those Holy Land trips. Some have said that when we take them, we stand on holy ground. Yet I remember someone saying that wherever we stand with Him, that place becomes Holy Ground. When we walk where He is walking now, we walk on holy ground. Do we now walk there....with Him? In our marriages, parenting, workplace, neighborhoods, churches and ministries, do we walk with Him....on Holy Ground? Jesus is walking right now. In all of these places in life, do we walk with Him...on His holy ground? Or is it just our ground?

Pastor O
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