January 2019   
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 "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Matthew 6:10....."When we say, 'Thy will be done, ' it is to be an assault on the gates of hell. It is an offensive march against the evil of this world.....It calls for God to make His Kingdom manifest in this enemy territory. It is a specific and assertive, a battle cry against everything that is not His will. It is war." Chris Tiegreen


Does Tiegreen's explanation of what it is to pray His will be done bear any resemblance to what's in our hearts when we do pray for His will? If indeed we actually do pray and desire that will. Or, do we tend to see it more as a plea for Him to align His will along with ours and so bring about results that in the main, make our lives better? Do we cry out for God and His world to show up in such a way in this one as to result in all hell breaking loose......literally? That will surely be the result of our really wanting to see His will done here on earth as He has purposed in His heaven. Mark Batterson said that the Father means to take us into the shadowlands, "where light and darkness clash." When we pray for His will we are certainly praying for far more than getting the right job, mate, or ministry. We are praying that what He has purposed to come to pass in, through, and around us, does. And with our complete involvement in it all.


Pastor and author Jim Hylton said that nowhere in His Word are we told to pray for revival. He said we have been instructed to pray "that His Kingdom come." That is, that the fullness of the Kingdom of God would come to pass here on earth. When this happens, awakening, great awakening takes place. He's not doing an old thing in a new way, He's doing a new thing in His way. In the church, I think we've been trying to make our own kingdoms with limited influence from His. When His Kingdom comes, every other kingdom must fall. It would seem then, in fact is, that to pray that seemingly simple prayer, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done," is the riskiest prayer of all, because everything within us that is not of His Kingdom and will must fall......completely.

To pray for His will and kingdom is not just asking for that over ours, but the enemy's as well. That's why it's war. Satan will employ every mean possible to see his plans and purposes be carried out. God employs the prayers of His Christ covered people, connected to an Almighty God. Light and darkness do clash. Hell does break loose, and in it all, His Kingdom comes and His will is done. It's risky prayer. It's a declaration of war prayer. Dare we pray it.....no matter the cost?

Pastor O

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